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What We Offer


option #1: "Take the pizza and run"

Our most popular service:

"take the pizza and run" brings the warmth of our homemade NeApolitan style pizza straight to your backyard, place of business, farmers market, Wedding, you name it! We come to you and after you decide where you would like us to set up, we handle the rest! Once we are set up and our ovens are hot, we can begin stretching the slow fermented dough and serving out hot and delicious pizza on a person to person basis!


As the title of this service states, your guests will kindly walk up to our pizza station, order whatever pizza their heart may desire and then... "take the pizza and run", before someone else steals a slice!


This type of service is perfect for an event where people will be socializing and enjoying the party at their own pace!


During a consultation, we can work with you to make sure your guests needs are met and any dietary restrictions are noted! Typically we offer a pepperoni pizza, a cheese pizza, and a "Pie of The Week".  For private events we can always brainstorm with our clients about what kind of pizza they want for the "Pie of The Week" option! Additionally, a salad can be offered if you are so inclined!

Option #2: "A Pasta You Can't Refuse"

An Italian-American Dinner:

Alright, so you're looking for something a little more formal! Maybe you've just watched Goodfellas and you have an appetite for some classic spaghetti and meatballs (with the garlic sliced Razor thin, of course). We got you covered! With our "A PAsta you can't refuse" service, we can offer you a true Italian-American experience guaranteed to leave no guest hungry!


In our kitchen we are extremely passionate when it comes to pasta. At Cucina Carnevale, we believe it is not the duty of a sauce to make the pasta delicious, nor the other way around! We believe in the relationship between the two and that pairing the RIGHT pasta with the RIGHT sauce will leave our guests crying tears of joy!  


Whatever your event may be, we will serve a delicious pasta alongside your choice of salad, an appetizer, and an entree. If you are looking for a more formal service, reach out to us via email and we can send you menu options, as they are changing with the seasons! We only provide fresh and seasonal meals in order to deliver the most delicious product that we can!

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Option #3: Classes!

So you wanna get your hands dirty?! Well not dirty but... floury! We can do that! At Cucina Carnevale we offer two different classes! For either class all you have to do is, pick which option you want to learn about, call or send us an email, and before your class we will send you a list of ingredients that you will need. We'll take it from there!

Class #1 Pizza (2-10 people per class):

In the comfort of your own home, we walk you through the hands on experience of mixing, fermenting, and stretching your very own pizza dough before moving on to toppings! Once the pizza is topped with your favorite cast of delicious characters, we show you how to properly launch the pizza into our flaming hot oven and finally... Mangia!

Class #2 Pasta (2-15 people per class):

Bring the joy of making fresh pasta to your home kitchen with this pasta making class! We will discuss the different shapes of pasta, and how they are best served. Then you will pick the shape that speaks to you the most and we will walk you through the process of rolling out the perfect pasta! Before the class, you would have decided with us which sauce you want to pair your pasta with, and we will show you how to make that sauce as well!


Request a Quote

Please provide us with the following information, along with a brief description of the event you are creating! Please be sure to include the number of guests that you anticipate and what sort of catering options you are looking for! You can review our options above for more details! We can also adjust to your vision! We hope to hear from you soon!

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