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making nonna proud since 2022

San Diego, Ca


Our Story

I grew up surrounded by great food. But What was even greater than the food, were the people that made it.


Growing up in an Italian-American family meant that every gathering would consist of loud conversation and plenty of food. The dining room table would be covered with colorful dishes consisting of classic spaghetti and meatballs, spicy Salsiccia and bell peppers, caprese, bruschetta, and of course, pizza. There was one thing for certain at our dinners: you were NOT going home hungry.


As I got older and started to cook myself, I gained even more respect for my great grandparents who had come from Italy and brought these beautiful recipes with them. I also began to regret not taking advantage of having this culinary wisdom surrounding me before it was too late and they had passed on. But that didn't detour me from taking what I had learned and Crafting my own recipes! 

Over the course of four years, I traveled to Italy five times, soaking in every bit of cultural information that I could in hopes of bringing it back home and into my dishes. I wanted to make sure I had the technical skills, so I took it one step further and got a job making fresh pasta and pizza dough for a high end Italian restaurant, where I would hone my skills over the course of a year as a Sfoglino (pasta chef). I loved every moment of this experience, but I Craved

the warmth of my own kitchen that connected me back to that feeling of cooking with my family. And That is where I am now, and I could not be happier!

At Cucina Carnevale, we work tirelessly to bring you an authentic Italian Experience, whether its a catered dinner of homemade Bucatini Cacio e Pepe, or a hand tossed pizza party by the pool, we aim to give you a taste of that little country across the Atlantic. More importantly though, we hope to give you a culinary memory that will last you a lifetime, much like the ones I have of my family in the kitchen.

Ciao e Grazie Mille,

The Cucina Carnevale Family

Layered Blueberry Dessert

Client Reviews

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Cucina Carnevale's pizza is so good that I literally quit my job after tasting it!"

- Dominic Dissocupato

"Never in my days have I tasted food this good! And my dad is gordon Ramsay!"

-Lil Gordo

"Cucina carnevale will make you a pizza you can't refuse... just kidding! you could totally refuse it and get the pasta instead!"

- Francis Ford Coppola


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1 (858)-324-4257

we're open 7 days a week: 9 AM - 5PM

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